echography Tele-screening Network for Malignancies

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Proposal abstract

The aim of the STREP Echography Tele-screening Network for Malignancies - eTNM is to develop a distributed network for an early diagnosis of malignancies/neoplasic diseases/cancers.

The objective is to develop improved patient-oriented strategies, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment, for combating cancer. The screening system is designed as a distributed telemedicine architecture consisting of many remote terminals for acquisition and transmission of medical data and images, a digital communications network, designed as HealthGrid with and a processing kernel for image analysis, classification and recognition. Open Source Software - OSS - especially in the field of Grid-technology and Ontology are used. The results of the R&D-activities are offered as OSS.

The system is designed as Computer Aided Monitoring System - CAMS e.g. as communicative system supports the physician in optimal manner. The experienced physician is able to integrate his own capability and knowledge in the system and is responsible for the results. Web access to relevant publications and knowledge are integrated. This is the innovative way to new knowledge being created by genomics and other fields of basic research into applications that improve clinical practice and public health.

The consortium has eight partners from seven European countries. Four partners are high ranked universities, two of them are international and established clinics with experience in ultrasonic applications in the field of cancer. Three partners are SME’s in the field of information and communication technologies as developers and driving force for dissemination and exploitation activities. Three Universities are high ranked partners in the field of information and communication technology with international well-known experts in this field of work.

Strategic objectives

O1: Identification of at an early stage any suspicious structure in order to ensure early diagnosis of malignancies.

O2: Elaboration of standard ultrasound examination procedures.

O3: Design of the system as Computer Aided Monitoring System, to identify the risk status, based on ultrasonic image aspect and content – predictive analysis in an interactive manner.

O4: Design of the solution as HealthGrid.

O5: Development of a distributed network for remote acquisition and transmission of images and medical data, in order to ensure an interactive primary health care system.

O6: Storing all incoming medical data in a Data Base & Knowledge Management System compatible with HealthGrid technologies.

O7: Creation of an integrated diagnosis system (General Practitioners Office – highly specialised academic medical centre) using a telemedicine network and intelligent software for image analysis including 3D reconstruction, classification and recognition.

O8: Implementation of a computer vision technique dedicated to trial and pre-classification of incoming images (normal versus degraded aspect).

O9: Implementation of a Knowledge Management System for the acquisition of the knowledge of the leading experts in an interactive manner for the evaluation of the risk status. The first application based on ultrasonic image aspect and content predictive analysis.

O10: Compliance with the legal aspects, security, and confidentiality of personal data.


Centres of Excellence

PM - Project Management
NR - Definition of the user needs and requirements
SA - Design of the System Architecture
HW - Development of system hardware
SW - Development of software as algorithms, user interface, DB&KMS and design of a virtual application as demonstration and teaching tool
TE - Testing, Verification , Design of a significant application & Validation
OP - Optimisation
AP - Implementation of a significant application in a clinic
CM - Conferences and Meetings
ED - Exchange of Scientists and Dissemination and Exploitation Activities

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