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B.4.1 Integrating activities

I1: High signal resolution electrocardiography

I2: Application of CAMS in diagnostics of ischaemia

I3: Monitoring dietotherapy of patients with metabolic diseases

I4: Development of an integrated platform for cancer patient monitoring

I5: Monitoring of environmental risks

I6: CAMS for psychophysiolgical research

I7: CAMS for diagnoses and treatment of DM

I8: Televisite

I9: CAMS for post-surgery and intensive care patients monitoring

I10: Innovative methods using the results of the Human Genome Project and application of nano-technologies

B.4.2 Programme for jointly executed research activities

A1: Communication patient - physician

A2: Communication physician - physician / student

A3: Communication CAMS - CAMS for knowledge transfer

S1: Communication physician - CAMS for acquisition of the knowledge of experts

S2: Knowledge Management and Data Base System

T1: Microsystems and wireless sensors

T2: Signal conditioning and conversion

T3: Transmission and interfaces, security of data transmission

T4: Signal processing, classification, recognition and evaluation

B.4.3 Activities to spread excellence

D1: Excange of post-doc researcher, students and experts

D2: Conferences, meetings and workshops

D3: Dissemination & Exploitation

D4: Publications PatiMon

B.4.4 Management activities

M1: Project Management

M2: Network of Excellence Electronic Repository




Centers of Excellence