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Centers of Excellence: Topics Centers of Excellence: Joint Programme of Activities (JPAs)
Regional Centers of Excellence
B.1 Objectives of the network
B.2 Relevance to the objectives of the IST Priority
B.3 Potential impact  
B.3.1 Contributions to standards
B.4 Degree of integration and the joint programme of activities  
B.4.1 Integrating activities
B.4.1.1. Health Care He: Application of CARiManS for health monitoring in risk  situations
Eh: Monitoring of environmental health risks
SM: Stress Management in risk situations
GR: Risk Management in gene research and technology
RC: Risk management in cancer, especially breast cancer
Dy: Risk factors in dyslexia
B.4.1.2 Civil Protection Dm: De-mining 
RT: Safety Improvement in Road & rail Tunnels 
Na: CARiMan in nuclear accidents
Ma: CARiMan in mountain accidents
Ta: CARiMan in traffic accidents
B.4.1.3 Natural Disasters / Environmental Fe: CARiMan in Fire emergencies
Fl: CARiMan in Flood emergencies
Ls: CARiMan in Landslides Emergencies
Ve: CARiMan in volcanic Environments
Se: Seismik CARiMan                                                  

CAEM - Computer Aided early warning system in Earth Management

En: Environmental CARiMan
RE: Risk Modelling of Renewable Energy Sources
ME: Risk evaluation in marine ecosystems
B.4.1.4 Other Issues OR: Occupational Risk environment
Ac: Monitoring of Agricultural Crop Diseases and Pest Risks
FR: financial risk management 
CE: Computer Emergency Response
EC: CARiMan for Risk Management in projects of the EC
B.4.2 Programme for jointly executed research activities C: Communication
UI  User interface
MS: Microsystems and sensors
SA: System Architecture
KM: Knowledge Management and Data Base System

PD: Portable devices, signal conditioning and conversion

TI: Transmission and interfaces, security of data transmission
SP: Signal processing, classification, recognition and evaluation
B.4.3 Activities to spread excellence D1: Excange of post-doc researcher, students and experts
D2: Conferences, meetings and workshops
D3: Dissemination & Exploitation
D4: Publications CARiMan
D5: Advanced Training System for Emergency Management 
B.4.4 Management activities
B.5 Description of the consortium and the excellence of the participants
B.5.1 New participants
B.5.2 Other countries
B.6 Quality of the integration   List of Activity

B.7 Organisation and management

B.8 Joint Programme of Activities first 18 months  
B.9 Other issues  
B.10 Gender issues  
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